The Secret Marrakech Restaurants


Finding non-touristy, yet amazing Marrakech restaurants is harder than you may think. There are a ton of restaurants to choose from. The trick is determining the type of evening that you want. For instance, do you want a casual place with just a few tables and great food or do you want to experience one […]


Three Great Reasons to Visit Morocco


Thousands of people choose to visit Morocco every year. With its inspiring mix of history, hot climate, culture and natural wonders it’s easy to see why there’s such a draw. This article takes a look at just a few of the best reasons to visit this magical country. First up we have the beautiful city […]


How to Explore the Moroccan City of Meknes

Located near Fes, Meknes is a fusion of color, culture, and history. Meknes, easily accessible via train, is a city that has a multifaceted appeal. Many visitors concentrating only on their particular interests, tend to concentrate on some aspects of the city while abandoning the others. However, in order to fully experience Meknes for all […]


Shopping in Morocco

As soon as you visit a foreign country, you want to pick up small souvenirs to take back with you to your home country. Morocco is no exception. There are so many unique things to buy in Morocco! Just by walking down the medina streets, you will see thousands of beautiful art objects. There are […]


Inside the Riads in Marrakech


For a real Moroccan experience stay at one of the many beautiful and luxurious Riads in Marrakech. First, let me explain the difference between hotels and Riads in Marrakech. A hotel is a building that was most likely, built to be a hotel. It is as easy as that. Think of any local hotel in […]


How to Prepare a Moroccan Tagine?


Food in Morocco plays an important role in traditional life. From weddings to baptisms to circumcisions, it is the basis of social gatherings and celebrations. From couscous to tagines and pastilles, the delicate flavors are a blend of tastes of many civilizations. Arab, Berber, Middle Eastern, French and Jewish are just some of the influences […]