Located at the meeting point of the Atlas and Anti-Atlas, near the Moroccan Sahara, the massive Sirwa culminates at 3305m Jebel Sirwa. It covers 350 km2 and is made up of both green valleys, stone villages, cliffs, gorges, plateaus, and high meadows.

Neither really desert or mountain really, mineral and austere, Jbel Saghro remains a huge unfamiliar territory, or to be discovered: Unusual gorges, plateaus dark lunar igneous rocks, discreet villages always hospitable people. But the most spectacular remains of these amazing basalt towers that offer a haven for the imagination, a dream setting and a paradise for nomadic Ait Atta who find their pastures every year …

The massive Sirwa offers impressive views of the Saharan vastness. In legendary hospitality, its people have kept alive their customs rooted in the past and you will discover another face of Morocco. Your guides and mule are local professionals with perfect knowledge of the crossed territories and local traditions. They will know better than others to share their knowledge and passion.

8 days walking trekking to discover djebel sirwa itinerary:

Day One: Marrakech

The first day will be your arrival at Marrakech (or Ouarzazate.) and reception at the airport. Presentation of the program and preparation of bags. Free dinner.

Day Two: Marrakech – Tamalakout

Morning departure for the southern side of the Atlas. Transfer to the village of Tamlakout (4 hours drive). Traditional welcome by our friends Berber and mule of Tamlakout (1650m). Stroll around the village in the late afternoon. Homestay overnight.

Day Three: Tamalakout – Sirwa – Ait Tigga

After loading the mules, we go back the desert plateau towards the top of Sirwa. Bivouac opposite the village of Ait Tigga (1950m). Walking time: 5 hours. Uneven positive and negative: 400m

Day Four: Ait Tigga – Idoughagh – Aït Ighmour – Tachanct Pass – Tisfeldalt

Visit Agadir (fortified granary 900 years old) Aït Tigga. The week reflects the social organization of the Berber villages. We continue through the villages of Ait Ighmour and Idoughagh (2200m) where we’ll break. The path rises and crosses the lace collar Tachancht 2500m. We cross the beautiful grouping of azibs (sheep) at the foot of Tisfeldalt and we install the bivouac in the highest pastures, to get closer to the Sirwa. walking time: 6:30. Uneven positive: 800m

Day Five: Tisfeldalt – Sirwa – Tikniwine – Irhiri

Early we start to begin the ascent of Sirwa (3305m) by the South Slope. The last meters to the summit presented the only difficulty of the climb, secure climbing slightly. Back in the top where we find those who will not want to pass this difficulty. Lunch at the foot of the summit from where we enjoy a beautiful view and descent by Tikniwine (the twins) to arrive at the sheepfolds of Irhiri (2300m). walking time: 6:30. Uneven positive: 800m, negative: 1000m

Day Six: Irhiri – Tazoult – Msitalla – Tamazikht

We go along Tazoult and we cross Assif Irhiri to move to the foot of Msitalla. By a path peak (very easy) we reach the village of Tamazikht and later Tamlakout.

Day Seven: Marrakech/Ouarzazate

You’ll return to your starting point, either Marrakech or Quarzazarte in the afternoon.

Day Eight: Last day

Your last day is yours to rest and explore.

There is a 25% reduction for children under 12 years old and we do not charge for children under 5.

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