The Secret Marrakech Restaurants

Marrakech Restaurants

Marrakech Restaurants
Finding non-touristy, yet amazing Marrakech restaurants is harder than you may think. There are a ton of restaurants to choose from. The trick is determining the type of evening that you want.

For instance, do you want a casual place with just a few tables and great food or do you want to experience one of them? ber-chic Marrakech restaurants? Would you prefer a quiet night with your spouse or are you craving a party scene and want it to begin at one of the coolest restaurants? Also, do you want to enjoy traditional Moroccan cuisine via a set, and sometimes waist-expanding menu? Or would you prefer to try one of the trendy fusion restaurants, think Asia meets North Africa?

Other things to keep in mind its proximity to the other activities you have planned for the night. Marrakech is a small city but very spread out. If you are planning to enjoy an evening cultural experience in the Djemna el Fna, you may want to choose a restaurant within the Medina or at least within walking distance. We discovered many traditional restaurants adjacent to the main square. One amazing restaurant with a really cool vibe was perched high above the square and offers large windows that open when it is warm so you can dine with a gorgeous view of the chaos below.

The new part of town Gueliz has our absolute favorite of Marrakech restaurants. This sexy restaurant is always filled with the chic European crowd and reminds us of the famed Parisian hot spot Hotel Costs. This is the perfect spot to dine when heading out for a night of dancing, as many of the best clubs are nearby.
A few hip Marrakech restaurants offer a lounge, live music, and belly dancing. Finding the right ones to go to is key. You do not want to get stuck in the overly tourist populated theme show. We found two really great Marrakech restaurants that turn into super sexy nightclubs as the night gets darker. One of the most in-the-know restaurants offers a nice fusion menu as well as innovative cocktails that you can enjoy outside under the stars on one of their over-sized beds.

Marrakech restaurants offer something for everyone. If you get tired of the traditional Moroccan cuisine, many popular Marrakech restaurants offer Italian, Asian and French cuisine. Just remember to ask yourself what kind of experience you want, and what area of town do you want to be in. After that the choices of Marrakech restaurants are endless!

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