Morocco Traditional Food, The World of Moroccan Cuisine

morocco gastro

morocco gastro

Moroccan cuisine is considered one of the most eminent cuisines in the world, because it has an international dimension, due to its richness and its variety. Moroccan cuisine is the result of many influences, including European, Amazigh Berber, Arab, Moorish, etc. In this article, I will focus on what is specific to Moroccan cuisine and I will mention some Moroccan meals, cakes, and some kinds of bread.

What is specific to Moroccan cuisine?

Moroccan cuisine is very famous, especially because Moroccan people rely on natural sources.
First, we should note that the majority of Moroccans use natural oils, such as olive oil and argan oil, which can not be found in any place in the world. Also, the use of spices such as salt and pepper, ginger, turmeric, saffron, paprika, cumin, cinnamon or white pepper is essential to Moroccan gastronomy.

Moreover, Moroccan people prefer to use aromatic plants and natural herbs like onions, garlic, basil, parsley, green coriander, marjoram, mint, grey verbena and za’atar especially with tea and as decoration.
Moroccan cuisine also uses different kinds of meats: chicken, lamb, goat’s meat, beef, camel, etc. Also, thanks to Morocco’s geographical position, there is a great variety of fish that plays an important in Moroccan cuisine and gives Moroccans a chance to concoct numerous meals in which fish is the most important element.
What are the most famous Moroccan meals?

In Morocco, you will get the chance to enjoy many meals:

First, we have couscous, which is one of the most famous Moroccan meals. It is the favorite meal for the majority of Moroccans on Friday’s lunch and on the night of achoura (a month after the “aid al Adha”).
There are many kinds of couscous. For example, there is the couscous with seven vegetables, couscous with kourdass, sugary couscous or seffa, etc. Also, the Moroccan traditional tajin can be prepared with fish or different kinds of meats (chicken, lamb, goat, beef and camel) or vegetables. Adding to that, there are many other Moroccan meals, like attanjya, pastilla, baddaz, skewers, etc.

Some kinds of traditional Moroccan bread

There very different types of traditional bread in Morocco. The best-known bread is the one from tafarnout, which is prepared in a traditional way with the use of a traditional oven that is build from clay. But there are also many other kinds of Moroccan bread, namely the r’ghayef, l’mlawi, l’harcha, l’batbot, etc.

Some famous Moroccan cakes

In Morocco, you can enjoy different cakes and sweets, such as l’briouat, which consists of puff pastry stuffed with almonds and perfumed with rose-water. We also have the kaab el ghouzal or “gazelle’s horn”, which is prepared with kind of puff pastry with almonds. There are many other cakes, like el fekkas, l’ghroueyba, e’chebbakya, el bahlawa, etc., whose main ingredients are almonds and nuts, orange blossom water, honey and sesame.