Four of the Best Reasons to Visit Morocco

visit morocco

visit morocco

Several people looking for that excellent blend of sunlight, history, and culture tend to appear in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea or the Middle East; however, there is an additional choice: Morocco.

Morocco holidays offer up a brilliant blend of stunning scenery and fascinating culture, making it the ideal destination for Morocco family adventure tours. This article takes a look at a few of the best reason to visit this fantastic country.

The Trekking
With the country being home to several mountain ranges, the Rif, High Atlas, and Middle Atlas Mountains, there’s plenty for trekking enthusiasts to explore. This range of ranges also means there’s something for everyone, the Rif Mountains are the lowest making for easier treks through the ranges forests and caves, the Middle Atlas Mountains are the least popular but make for a great way to escape the crowds, and the High Atlas Mountains are the most challenging and rewarding, with their spectacular views and stunning scenery.

If you’re after the natural experience, but the trekking sounds like a little much, then the region’s stunning beaches might interest you. The country is home to a large number of beaches, on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. The two coastlines also offer up very different beach experiences, with the rocky shores and calm waters of the Mediterranean coast ideal for swimmers and the sandy beaches and rough seas of the Ocean coast becoming much more best for sunbathers as well as surfers.

The Imperial Cities
A trip to Morocco wouldn’t be complete without experiencing some of the country’s fantastic culture, and the imperial cities of Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat, and Meknes offer up some of the region’s best historic sites. The towns have all, at some point, served as Morocco’s capital, and so are stuffed full of spectacular palaces, churches, mosques, and museums. This dense mix of history allows visitors to really soak up Morocco’s past. Hiring a guide is recommended to get the most out of the experience, however, as the medinas (districts) in these cities can be crowded and confusing.

The Riads
The last thing on this list is Morocco’s popular traditional properties, the Riads. These types of iconic houses, with their conventional inside garden courtyards, provide a great feel for the country’s cultural roots. If you’re visiting the country there’s a good chance that you’ll be staying in one of these beautiful structures, as many of them serve as hotels today.

If you’re not staying in one most town have at least one or two particularly splendid examples open to the public.