5 tips to prepare your trip to Marrakech


trip to Marrakech

To avoid possible disappointments during your stay in Marrakech, it is better to know how to prepare properly. First, consult the travel tips of the Department of External Affairs. They are regularly updated and particularly relevant.

Continue your preparation by consulting our 5 tips to prepare your trip to Marrakech and let your trip in the Ochre city you book only good surprises.

  1. Prepare your file

Collect all important documents and paperwork, which you will need before, during and at the end of your stay. Don’t forget your passport, it’s your entry key to Morocco. It is the same for your driver’s license because car rental can always be useful. Make sure this driver’s license is valid.

A trick to save time: Scan all your papers and store everything in a folder, and keep it in your email inbox. Of course, you’ll keep the originals in a safe place. This first advice is to be followed by the letter.

  1. Prepare and make sure to avoid trouble

On the financial side, do not settle for a single credit card. In particular, consider taking cash in euros, pounds sterling or dollars. Make sure you have the minimum required but do not take too much. If you have subscribed to travel insurance, consider checking the covered cash ceiling. For your information, be aware that some payment cards include collateral such as death insurance or repatriation assistance.

If you are planning to travel with your family, in addition to the health insurance certificate, take a copy of your vaccination booklets and care forms received abroad.

  1. Preparing for light travel

The flights connecting Morocco with the other countries scrupulously respect the international standards in force. You may opt for low-cost flights especially if you plan to travel with your family. However, “low cost” airlines strongly penalize families or people who are disrespectful of their baggage codes.

To avoid these problems, do not clutter yourself with unnecessary objects. The sorting of your baggage is necessary. Some items can be found in Marrakech at the same price. You can also rent them on the Internet. Inform yourself beforehand.

  1. Educate yourself on the US and customs marrakchis

A cosmopolitan Muslim city, Marrakech opens to any type of culture. Nevertheless, without claiming it, people are keen that theirs be respected in their territory as they respect yours. A few months before you leave, educate yourself and Moroccan customs.

The first information you need to have is a sacred place. Non-Muslims are forbidden to set foot in a mosque. When you are invited to a home where the reception room is equipped with a rug on which your guests walk barefoot, remove your shoes!

To welcome you, they will offer you tea, do not refuse the risk of hurting their self-esteem. That’s how they testify to their friendship.

  1. Note in advance the useful addresses

You will need it in case of an emergency. The National Tourism Office will be a valuable help to you. Thanks to this site you will get more information about Marrakech. By visiting this portal, you will be sent to other relevant sites that will present you to various restaurants and places to relax.

In the same stride, note the coordinates of the Marrakesh Regional tourist Office, not forgetting to raise the address and telephone number of your consulate or embassy in Morocco. The last but not least important address is that of a with the clinic. The reservation of a tourist guide will not be superfluous.