Choosing to Travel To An Exotic Destination



Whether you are a traveler who has experienced your fair share of off the beaten track destinations, or are an individual who usually takes a vacation in a regular resort and is now planning to travel to an exotic destination for your next trip overseas, a visit to Morocco would likely be a choice that is not regretted. Though only a short distance from the shores of Europe, Morocco is a world away culturally.

The structure and certainties of the western world vanish as soon as one sets foot in Morocco. Though not as chaotic as some other African countries, it is still a destination that can overload the senses. The country offers an opportunity to immerse one’s self in a culture that is both rich and fascinating. There is no shortage of interesting sights and attractions to be discovered in this diverse land. Most visitors start their trips in one of the bigger cities, each of which is unique in its own right.
Tangier, a city once glamorous but now slightly faded is still the first port of call of many international visitors. The Atlantic winds blow strongly along this coast and take visitors down to the cosmopolitan and internationally famous city of Casablanca. Further south lies the fishing ports of Essaouira and Agadir, replete with whitewashed homes and old style Moroccan architecture.

The imperial cities of Fez and Marrakesh, inland from the coastal towns have been attracting visitors for centuries. The ancient medinas and winding streets offer untold surprises, this is why they attract visitors to return time and again. Away from the urban sprawl, there are Roman ruins, indicative of just how far this once mighty empire spread.

If you are an individual keen on experiencing nature at its best, Morocco offers a number of possibilities for you to wear your hiking boots and get a true sense of this ancient land. There are endless trails that meander between Berber villages, as well as the option of trekking the High Atlas mountains. The truly hardy can attempt to conquer North Africa’s highest peak, Jebel Toubkal, though this is best done with a guide in tow.

When you book a flight to Morocco, it is not complete without spending at least one night camping out in the Sahara. Very little can compare to the experience of riding out into the desert on a camel, then settling down for the evening in front of a campfire with the heavens above dotted with a seemingly unlimited number of stars.