5 Reasons to Take a Holiday in Morocco

Holiday in Morocco

Holiday in Morocco

When selecting your next holiday destination, you really should consider Morocco, a wonderful country in the North of Africa which has plenty to offer family groups, couples, and groups of friends. When thinking of reasons to visit Morocco there are way too many to list here, but below are some of the most important reasons.

Art and Culture
There are so much art and culture in Morocco that you could literally spend your entire holiday exploring it. In all towns and cities in around the country, you can experience museums, architecture and way of life which gives Morocco is identity. The palaces and riads, in particular, are fantastic whilst the Museum of Moroccan Art, for those with an artistic eye, there is candy absolutely all over themselves, with most of the interior design in historic buildings being artworks in their own right.

Africa is renowned for having good weather, and Morocco is no different with temperatures consistently in the 30s and, in the main part, the conditions are dry so there is little chance of the conditions ruining your trip.

Natural Beauty
One of the features that Morocco shares with the rest of Africa are that has magnificent natural beauty. One of the most famous areas that you visit in Morocco is the Sahara desert, which is an absolute mass of sand with very little sign of human life, but beautiful nonetheless. A trip to the desert alone is not recommended, but if you can get on an organized tour you should definitely take the opportunity. As well as the desert there are also many mountains to explore and scenic coastline to enjoy amongst many other great natural features.

History and its Legacy
Over the centuries Morocco has been subject to a number of different events and dynasties, all of which have left a significant mark on the country. You can visit the various archaeological sites around the country and enjoy artifacts from the Roman times as well as from the various other chapters.

Whether you want to surf, swim in the sea, enjoy family activities on the beach or just soak up the rays, the beaches of Morocco are perfect. The water is clear blue and the beaches sandy and luxurious. Some of the best beaches are Agadir, Al Hoceima, Mirhleft, and Larache.