First time visiting Morocco?

visiting morocco

visiting morocco

Morocco has a lot of diverse tourist attractions to satisfy a first-time-traveler to its beautiful cities. As a first-time traveler, it’s okay to worry about how you can make the most of your stay in the country; where to go or what to see but keep calm and I’ll show you the countless scenes and sites of Morocco that would leave you an unforgettable experience.

Despite the growing interest in Morocco as a preferred tourist destination, most of it is still yet to be corrupted. The scenes are picturesque, the locals are intriguing, and you will find a decent dose of the past still left untouched right here in Morocco. There are quite a few arranged tours to Morocco but please when you visit, make sure to see these places;

The Sahara Desert

The sight is breathtaking, the sprawl of sand as far as the eyes can see is an intriguing sight to behold. Join a caravan of camels and take a day trip through the desert, camp out with the Berber and sleep under the stars filled the night of the Sahara. Inhale a piece of paradise in a desert oasis and enjoy the view of the milky way by a crackling fire on a serene desert night.

Take a trip through time

Visit the place where time has stood still. Visit Fes, the city set in the 9th century. Home to the first University in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site. Enjoy a true Moroccan experience in a Medina in Fes. Be fascinated with the history of the city, the influence of the Roman empire, the beautiful crafts, and weaves of the local Berber tribe and please take a trip to the tannery pits and purchase a leather souvenir to remember your trip out here.

See the Atlas Mountain range

The Atlas Mountain range is a great range for hikers and climbers. You can even take a mountain bike ride through the mountain paths and also ensure to explore the Tizi n Tickha Pass. There are countless medinas to rest your weary head from your day trips and travel.

Visit Marrakech

There is so much to see here. For starters, the square is a great place to catch the performers, the local dancers, the snake charmers and the intriguing acts of the monkeys and their handlers. Explore the Medinas and make sure to visit the gardens of Marrakech.

Enjoy the true essence of the Moroccan experience in a Marrakech souk and take in the street cuisines if your stomach is up to it.

Take beach trip

The beaches of Essaouira is a welcoming sight. This charming city sits at the edge of the Atlantic and provides a cozy getaway for the discerning traveler. Take day trips shopping for souvenirs, food, and spice and in the evening, sit atop the roof terrace of your medina and enjoy the breathtaking sight of Morocco.

If you are a surfer, then Essaouira is the perfect destination for you, it has the winds and waves to give you the right high.

Morocco is beautiful as it comes, leave what you know behind and enjoy it as you see it.