5 romantic morocco travel ideas

romantic morocco travel

romantic morocco travel

Picking out a location for a Romantic Morocco Travel is tough with so many options to pick from. It’s even tougher when romance is in the air. Choosing a location with a perfect blend of beauty and interesting sites is often the trigger to a Romantic Trip. There aren’t too many countries to initiate a romantic getaway trip than in Morocco. There are a whole bunch of individuals, maybe couples, who find spectacular natural scenery enough romance.

Just the sort of scenery Romantic Morocco Travel ideas:

Mountains, deserts, and incredible landscapes. For couples who prefer a bubbling city with plenty to see and do, Morocco still fits “the glass shoe”.

Couples in search of some urban excitement, Marrakech, and Fes are going to be very good choices. The Atlas Mountain is merely an hour’s drive from Marrakech. Couples may drift off the urban scenery to enjoy some natural scenery including stunning sites around the Atlantic coast like the Essaouira, Oualidia or Agadir.

Morocco Sahara Desert

The characteristic peace and quiet on the Sahara Desert often make a romantic trip more engaging for couples. Couples can lodge into the desert camp to enjoy a peaceful stay full of quiet and the starry sky at night. The desert camps are wired to make your romance tick; the distraction that comes with electricity is severed dearly. Electric lights are replaced with dimly lit candles and the sunset. The severing of electricity and its distractions also means no WIFI or access to the internet. This will guarantee a literal getaway honeymoon.

The city of Marrakech in Morocco

The city is popularly called the city of 1,001 nights because Marrakech lights up when its romance time. There are a bunch of romantic sceneries in the city including enigmatic alleyways for wandering, intriguing marketplaces for shopping and admiring, and vibrant luxury squares like the Place des Epices and the renowned Jemaa el Fna. They all make the city a joy to behold both in the day time and night time. The romantic diners offer couples a chance to explore new and tasty recipes together, food always makes up a good romantic time. You can cap off every romantic day by lodging in historic palaces and modern riads in Marrakech.

Chefchaouen the Blue City of Morocco

The charm of the village begins from its natural blue backgrounds and theme. All buildings in the ancient medina are painted blue with the Rif mountains soaring in the background, and this makes every turn around the alleyways magical. It gets a little cool towards the evening and it just makes warming around the riad fire a soft end to a day.

Moroccan Atlas Mountains

Tiny but cute Berber villages line up around the mountainside with the snow-capped Atlas Mountains dishing out an awesome surrounding view. There are very few mountain views more romantic than the Atlas Mountains and the little Berger villages in Morocco. Outdoor couples will enjoy hiking to start their day through the swanky valleys. Picnics along the way are great little ideas, and maybe a mint tea to crown your efforts when hiking is done.