3 weeks in Morocco

3 weeks in Morocco

3 weeks in Morocco

Ever had fantasies of trips to exotic faraway places featuring camel caravans, lush palm oasis, veiled women, endless sand dunes, mountain hikes, cities draped in blue and beautiful beaches? If so, then you must have fantasied Morocco. The true gem in the desert has so much on offer to those willing to explore. From the medinas and street art to the rich antique and ageless relics of time past, a trip to Morocco is sure to get your appetite whet, asking for more and all of this can be accomplished on a budget.

For the backpacking and enthusiastic traveler or tourist planning to make that trip to Morocco for 3 weeks, I have just the right itinerary for you. Traveling through Morocco evokes a mish-mash of emotions, the experience is overwhelming and is sure to make good stories over drinks. To see Morocco and savor the rich taste of its history, we will begin our journey from Marrakech.

Marrakech 1 – 3 days

Enjoy the nightlife in Marrakech, stay at a fabulous riad in the medina and tour the night markets, the Koutoubia Mosque, and Sa’adian tombes. If you have a rich appetite, you can take bites from the various street cuisines and enjoy drinks at rooftop cafes. Enjoy the rich flavor of Marrakech and if you are the surfing type, you can take a day out and enjoy riding the waves.

Road Trip through the Atlas Range 4 – 6 days

Enjoy an adventure through the Tizi n Tickha Pass, take hiking trips through valleys and gorges, visit the lush palm oasis in the valleys and pamper yourself on your days out in the mountains.

Camel Rides in the Sahara 7 – 10 days

Enjoy the absolute stillness and serenity of the desert. Explore the dunes and spend beautiful nights under the stars. The camel rides are an activity to look forward to, take great joy in it and walk the trail of time past.

Fes 11 –15 days

This is home to the oldest University in the world. Taking a trip to this city is more like traveling back in time. The city was founded in the 9th century and reached its height as a commercial hub in the 13th and 14thcenturies. It is the second largest city in Morocco and a UNESCO heritage site. The city is also one of the largest urban car-free cities in the world. Visit the tannery and bask in the euphoria of this beautiful city.

Essaouira 16 – 19 days

Visit the beautiful beaches of Essaouira. You will be coming into this city from Marrakech after taking a train ride from Fes. The beaches of Essaouira are welcoming, savor the rich taste of the local cuisine and indulge yourself in cat watching, try counting the number calico cats you can see. The rooftop terrace of the most riad is a good place to relax after a day out sightseeing.

The return trip to Marrakech 20th

Essaouira is near Marrakesh. By this time you should be returning for your flight back home. Do not forget to take along with you a relic of your time spent here.

Home 21st

Your trip back home should be easy, back to the comfort of familiar faces and loads of stories of your time out here.